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Effects of a 3-month supplementation with a novel soluble highly viscous polysaccharide on anthropometry and blood lipids in nondieting overweight or obese adults.

Aim: to investigate the effects of the daily intake of a novel high viscosity polysaccharide over 3 months in nondieting obese or overweight men and women.Study design: randomized,double-blind, controlled clinical trial.

Subjects: 30 overweight or obese adults (15 women and 15 men, aged 18-50 years) with a body mass index (BMI) in the range 27ÔÇô35 kg/m2. The experimental fibre PolyGlycopleX┬« (Inovobiologic Inc., Calgary, Canada) wasmanufactured from three natural fibers (konjac, sodium alginate and xanthan gum). Participants ingested 5-15 g per day of either PolyGlycopleX┬« (n = 29) or inulin (n = 30, control group) for 15 weeks. Changes in anthropometry (weight, waist and hip circumferences), blood lipids and glucose tolerance were studied from the beginning to the end of administration.

Results: differences appeared between PolyGlycopleX┬« and inulin supplementation in female participants only. Mean (SD) decreases in body weight [1,6(3,2) kg; approximately 2% of initial weight] and hip circumference [2,8 (3,6) cm] occurred in women of the PolyGlycopleX┬« group but not in controls (Time ├Ś Group interactions, p ÔëĄ 0,002). Total, high-density lipoprotein and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol were lower at the end of supplementation in the women of the PolyGlycopleX┬« group compared to controls (p ÔëĄ 0,021).

No effect appeared in waist circumference and triacylglycerol. No difference was noted in the number or severity of the adverse effects reported in both groups. Adverse effects were mild and agreed with commonly reported reactions to intake of dietary fibre

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