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A novel functional fibre supplement, on subjective ratings of appetite in overweight and obese women consuming a 3-day structured, low-calorie diet.

Aim: to investigate the effect of supplementing a three-day, low-calorie diet with PolyGlycopleX, a highly viscous fibre, on subjective ratings of appetite compared with a placebo.Study design: randomized, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled trial.

Subjects: 35 women (aged 38┬▒9 years, body mass index 29,9┬▒2,8 kg m2) were randomised to consume a 1000-kcal per day diet for 3 days, supplemented with5 g of PolyGlycopleX or placebo at each of breakfast, lunch and dinner. PolyGlycopleX (╬▒-D-glucurono-╬▒-D-manno-╬▓-D-manno-╬▓-D-gluco), (╬▒-Lgulurono-╬▓-D mannurono), ╬▓-D-gluco-╬▓-D-mannan (Inovobiologic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is a novel functional fibre complex manufactured by a proprietary process from fibres (konjac glucomannan, xanthan gum and) to form a highly viscous polysaccharide (higher viscosity than any currently known individual sodium alginate polysaccharide or fibre blend) with high water-holding and gel-forming properties.

Subjective appetite was assessed using 100 mm visual analogue scales that were completed daily before, between and after consumption of meals.Results: Consumption of PolyGlycopleX compared with placebo led to significantly lower mean area under the curve for hunger on day 3 (440,4 versus 375,4; p=0,048), prospective consumption on day 3 (471,0 versus 401,8; p=0,017) and the overall 3-day average (468,6 versus 420,2; p=0,026). More specifically, on day 3 PolyGlycopleX significantly reduced total appetite, hunger, desire to eat and prospective consumption for 2,5 and 4,5 h after lunch and before dinner times, with hunger also being reduced 2,5 h after dinner (p<0,05).

AuthorsÔÇÖ conclusion: the results show that adding 5 g of PolyGlycopleX to meals during consumption of a low-calorie diet reduces subjective ratings of prospective consumption and increases the feelings of satiety, especially during afternoon and evening. This highly viscous polysaccharide may be a useful adjunct to weight-loss interventions involving significant caloric reductions.

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